About Us

Modraphelia opened its signature store in 2005 in downtown Toronto and now is solely available online.

Modraphelia captures the sharp, custom, personalized style of Mod fashion with a number of British brands available exclusively. With strong supplier relationships, Modraphelia also offers many exclusive designs. No matter the design, label, or cost, Modraphelia’s customers are guaranteed exceptional and knowledgeable service with quality, stylish merchandise. 

Modraphelia goes one step further by making sure that followers of the Mod subculture are dressed authentically – and precisely – in classic Mod style. An on-site tailor custom fits designs specifically for the customer. The Company’s tailor also provides customers with the opportunity to express individual style by putting their personal signature on Modraphelia’s own designs, or any of our imported designs.

The music world already knows Modraphelia. Understanding the mix of fashion and music in the Mod era, Modraphelia has been able to supply clothing to many local musicians and other renowned celebrities in the music industry.

Modraphelia is the place for confident people looking for unique clothing. Most fashion stores will follow the trends, ever-changing styles, and mass consumer demand. Modraphelia, however, offers customers an opportunity to step apart from the masses and express themselves individually with authentic, quality Mod clothing – from an era that gave life to the idea of personal branding of fashion. 

Modraphelia, the Face of Mod Clothing.